Guided tours in the cider factory

Want to discover how real cider is made?

Buy a tour voucher and call us to book a visit! The reservation price is EUR 60. The price includes a guided tour for a group of up to 6 people with a cider tasting. If your group is larger, the price will be EUR 10 per visitor, with a 20% discount for those skipping the tasting. Price differences can be covered on the spot.

Taste real apple cider in Sabile

Did you know that one of the Sabile grape varieties is actually an apple? We continue developing a cider culture in Sabile - a city surrounded by wine culture and tradition.

Our factory is located in the heart of Sabile - Rīga street 22. Every autumn, the farms and orchards of Kurzeme deliver their farm-grown apples to us, to juice and brew into cider.

Factory with a history

Our brewery is located in a building with almost 100 years of history! In making the building suitable for cider production, it has been brought back to life. In the 1920s, this site originally housed a match factory titled "Stars" (LV: ray). During the German occupation, the building was used for drying potatoes, and later on adapted for the canning of food.

We offer an opportunity to learn about the history and geography of cider, learn about its production process from the apple to the cork, and see factory equipment. We will end the tour with a tasting, after which you can buy your favourite ciders in our shop!

Creating Sabile's cultural space

The Sabile Cider brewery and Cider House, together with the municipality of Sabile, regularly host visiting musicians and artists, to promote cultural life in the city. Visit during the Wine Festival, Apple Day, or Mulled Wine Festival, keep an eye on announcements about other events, and don't miss a chance to take a seat in the first row!

As we said earlier, one of the grape varieties in Sabile is really an apple! And the process of brewing cider is quite close to that of winemaking. Sabile Cider factory can be found on the Wine Tourism website - a community promoting tourism in wine regions all over the world.

Contact us

You can buy vouchers for the classic tour program in the online shop, but if you have any special requests, please contact us! We are happy to welcome guests on special occasions - newlyweds, wedding guests, participants of sports games, hen and stag parties, etc. We are happy to adjust the program for your occasion when you apply in advance!

We can organize tours in Latvian, English or Russian languages.

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