If you are keen to come and visit our brewery, we offer group tours with cider tasting for a base price of 60 euros (for groups of up to 6 guests). If there are 7 or more guests in a group, the price is 10 euros per person, with a 2 euro discount for non-drinkers. The tour is approximately one hour long.

Tour tickets

Taste real craft cider

Sabiles Cider brewery is located in the heart of Sabiles city centre – Rīgas street 22. Every autumn, Kurzeme farmers deliver apples grown in their gardens to be processed. In our brewery, we give you the opportunity to get a glimpse of cider producing processes starting from the fresh apple down to corking the bottle, and view the factory’s equipment, taste our ciders, and finally let you take your favourite ones home with you.

Here you will learn about how freshly picked apples turn into bottles of sparkling joy!

Sabiles Cider brewery is located in the heart of Sabile.  Our factory building has a history of almost a hudred years. Long before we opened our cider brewery this was the home of safety matches and canned fruits and veggies.

We are pleased to see our factory growing into a public space. During the summers, together with Sabile municipality, we use our factory premises to host concerts and cultural events. Follow us on social media to get notified about the upcoming events!


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If you wish to book a tour with us, or would like to find out any further details, kindly leave a message below, or purchase a voucher in our online shop.