Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you can read answers to the questions we receive most often, however, if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us at [email protected], or by calling +371 2947 0405 during working hours (M.-F., 09:00 - 18:00). 

1. Where can I buy Gardener's and Sabile Cider products?

Currently, a selection of our products is available in RIMI (Hypermarket), Vynoteka, Spirits & Wine, Virši, SKY, Cenuklubs and Citro stores, as well as in other shops, restaurants and cafes. You can find the list of retailers here at the bottom of the page. If you want to buy a variety of cider that is not available in stores, you can buy it online here, at the Sabile factory (by appointment), or by visiting Sabile Cider House during the summer season.

2. Do you offer factory tours? Can I just show up?

We offer group tours at the Sabiles Cider factory, all year round and we can accommodate both large and small groups (read more about the tours here). During the tour we will take you through the "apple road" of the factory, tell you about the history of cider and the production process, and conclude with a cider tasting.

Before coming to the tour, it is necessary to apply at least a day in advance by writing to [email protected] or calling +371 2947 0405. Cider brewing is seasonal, so if you arrive without an appointment (especially outside the production season), there might be no staff on site to welcome you.

3. I don't know anything about cider ... what should I buy?

Cider is made similarly to wine, but from apples. Therefore, when choosing a cider, you can compare it with your favourite wine - some varieties will be drier, others - sweeter. We recommend starting with classic varieties of apple cider - apple semi-dry or semi-sweet - which will help you feel the true taste of cider.

4. What is the difference between Gardener's and Sabiles Cider?

Gardener's and Sabiles Cider are two brands and cider collections of Sabiles Cider factory. Sabiles Cider is the original brand, and the drinks have a more pronounced taste, while ciders under the Gardener's brand created in 2019 are lighter and have a different bouquet of aromas and flavours.

5. Can cider be ordered abroad?

Currently, cider purchased in the online store can be delivered to any address in the Baltic States. To find out about ordering products to any of the EU / EEA countries, please contact us by writing to [email protected] or by filling in the contact form on the home page. We are at this time unable to ship products outside the EU / EEA.