Silver and bronze!

Our award-winning Gardener's cider family is joined by a Sabiles Sidrs drink - our beloved apple - black currant semi-sweet cider was awarded a silver medal at the 2023 NICA competition! Gardener's pear & apple cider received Bronze.

This year, the Nordic and Baltic International Cider Awards took place in Latvia, as part of the Riga Food exhibition, and gathered cider experts from all over the world, shining a bright spotlight on Latvian ciders!

Gardener's cider brings home medals from Norway!

We have returned from Bergen, Norway with medals won in the Nordic International Cider Awards 2022:

Silver medal - for Gardener's apple-quince sweet cider!

Bronze medal - for Gardener's apple-currant semi-dry cider!

The jury's experts highly valued the colour, taste balance and complexity, aroma and aftertaste of both ciders. These medals are added to those won earlier in Spain and Germany and it seems that even international juries agree - this is the second international bronze for our apple-currant semi-dry cider, and the third silver for our apple-quince sweet! Although our Five Seeds apple wine did not participate in this competition, this drink can also boast gold medals in two competitions! Order drinks here in the online shop to find out what award-winning cider tastes like!

Catch Café Jersika 43 by the Cider house!

On June 18 and 19, as well as on other weekends this summer (2022), the Jersika 43 café food truck will visit the yard of our Cider House!

On the spot, you will be able to order sweet and savoury Belgian waffles, crepes, galettes and other delicious dishes and snacks for every preference. They will be prepared in just a few minutes, while you order a refreshing drink at the Cider house.

Follow our Facebook page to find out on which dates the truck will be here!

Tours of the cider brewery - now with vouchers!

Vouchers for a tour at the Sabile Cider brewery can be purchased online here, in the "Brewery tours" category!

As always, we welcome cider fans and travellers who want to know how the one and only Sabile Cider is made in Sabile. During the tour, we will take you along our cider apple path, tell you about the history of cider and show you how it is brewed today. The tour, lasting for about an hour, also includes a tasting of several of our ciders.

When purchasing a voucher, contact us to book a tour - [email protected]!

Gold and silver medals for Gardener's drinks in prestigious cider competition!

On June 3, the CiderWorld'21 Awards competition ceremony took place in the German city of Frankfurt. 77 producers with 180 products participated in the competition, including SIA "Sabiles Sidrs" with this year's novelty - the dry apple white wine "Gardener's Five Seeds" - and the Gardener's Apple-Quince sweet cider.

The competition was organized in cooperation with Gesenheim University of Applied Sciences in Germany, one of the world's leading universities in beverage technology. The drinks submitted were analyzed at the University's Beverage Research Institute. Later, they were handed over for tasting and evaluation by 40 jury members. The jury took into account the origin, and regional characteristics of the drinks and, of course, evaluated their quality during the tasting. Gardener's Five Seeds apple white wine, which went on sale this spring, won a gold medal. Gardener's apple-quince sweet cider, available since 2020, won a silver medal. The assessment of the CiderWorld'21 professional jury is a confirmation that the beverages created in Latvia meet the requirements of the most sophisticated beverage experts internationally.

Seltzers are now available in the Sabile Cider house!

Seltzers were popular in Latvia before WWII, when it was prepared at home by mixing soda, citric acid and sugar with water. It has regained its popularity in the last decade. At Sabile Cider house, we offer a modern version - seltzer made with water, local berry syrup and "bubbles", to make a tasty sparkling lemonade.

It's tested - the kids are delighted!

Open door days in the countryside

"Open-door days in the countryside" have already become a tradition, inviting visitors to visit rural areas of Latvia every summer. In the eighth year of "Open-door Days in the countryside", a record number of event participants - more than 240 - have applied to receive guests, including the "Sabiles Sidrs" brewery.

From June 10 to 13, 2021, with specially prepared programs, tastings, discounts for the purchase of products and other offers outside the usual, home-producers, craftsmen, food producers, hotels, saunas, beekeepers, plant breeders, nature trails and other businesses are awaiting visitors. The hosts have prepared to comply with epidemiological safety measures, and guests are also expected to do so, so this year it is absolutely necessary to apply for a visit in advance, specifying the time, number of visitors and other important information! To plan your trip, you should look at the event website Here you will find all the information about the event, participating businesses, suggestions for guests - what can be done, seen, tasted and bought, and how to get there. The days on which each event participant participates are also indicated, and many places also have specific visiting times.

To book a tour of the "Sabiles Sidrs" brewery, call +371 61301707 or write to us at [email protected]

Drinks made in Sabile take home gold, silver and bronze from Spain

Gardener's Five Seeds apple white wine received a gold medal, Gardener's apple - quince sweet cider won a silver medal and Gardener's apple - blackcurrant semi-dry cider receives a bronze.

The fourth "SAGARDO FORUM" was held at the end of November in the Basque Country in the North of Spain - long famous for making cider. In the international cider competition, three Gardenrr's drinks won prizes.

Participants from Spain, the USA, France, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Norway, Germany and other countries took part in the competition. Latvia was represented in the competition by SIA "Sabiles Sidrs". Acclaimed Spanish sommeliers and chefs judged the drinks submitted to the competition in ten different categories. Evaluating the clarity, colour and flavour nuances of the ciders, the jury awarded Gardener's Five Seeds 2019 apple white wine with a gold medal in the "Apple wines" category. In the category of flavoured ciders, Gardener's apple-quince sweet cider won a silver medal, and the apple-currant semi-dry variety won a bronze medal. The expression of their flavours is complemented by notes of quince and blackcurrant grown in Latvia.

Buy Gardener's brand ciders in the online shop and find out what award-winning cider tastes like!


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