Patiently crafted cider

A harvest does not grow overnight. It takes several years before an apple tree begins to bear fruit. Patience allows us to craft Gardener's cider true to tradition, without artificially rushing the ancient brewing process.

Patience does not mean waiting. Patience means knowing what is worth your time.


The basis and values of the Sabile Cider brand remain unchanged since its conception and the first day of work in the brewery. To reach ever wider horizons and promote cider culture, we have taken the next step by creating a new product line - Gardener's Craft Cider.

Gardener's is a cider made from fresh, carefully grown local apples. Authentic, real flavors created by our climate, traditions and the character of our people, bottled for your enjoyment. Our product is prepared with the patience, care and great love of a gardener. It takes a long time to create a high-quality craft cider.

Gardener's cider is best enjoyed with food. It's an excellent way to discover a new perspective on the world of Baltic flavors. The flavor of the cider will complement and enhance fresh-water fish and seafood dishes of the Baltic region, poultry dishes, as well as salads and appetizers. 

Buy Gardener's ciders in our online shop, come and taste them in Sabile, or ask about availability in your favourite bars and restaurants!


We can be proud of our brand - Gardener's craft ciders are winning awards in international competitions! In cider-tasting competitions in the Basque region (Spain), Frankfurt (Germany), Bergen (Norway) and Riga (Latvia), Gardener's dry apple white wine "Five Seeds" has won 2 gold awards, Gardener's apple-quince sweet cider has won 3 silver medals, Gardener's apple-currant semi-dry cider has been awarded 2 bronzes, and Gardener's pear & apple strong cider has received a gold and a bronze!