Our story

In the very heart of Sabile, as a continuation of Sabile's ancient winemaking traditions and years of experience in fruit processing, the Sabile Cider Distillery is growing rapidly.

Latvia's climate and soil are particularly suitable for growing apples, creating a particularly fresh aroma with the mild acidity characteristic of Latvian apples.

The owners of Sabile Cider brewery are the Circe┼ći family - Aldis and Baiba. The idea of a cider factory was born both in the cultivated family garden near Sabile with its old, large apple trees and by getting to know the ancient traditions of cider culture and production in the old cider countries of England and France.

The owners' love for cooking and wine culture has led directly to a drink made from apples. Cider has turned out to be the missing element on the shelves of wine shops and liquor stores to complement a meal made from local products in the manner of Latvian cuisine.

I enjoy making cider from apple to label. Since childhood, I have liked to learn how things are made in a practical way - how they are produced! I follow the processes in the cider factory with a passion to make sure that everything is going right. I am happy that our customers appreciate both the taste and presentation of our cider!                                                                                             Baiba Circene


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